SoA started as a blog about grammar, but when that never materialized, it became the home of my musings on the world of children’s lit. A “shrewdness” is the plural noun for apes, and in my experience, both words describe a group of 4th graders exceptionally well.

Who am I? I’m an elementary school English teaching assistant on a Fulbright in Madrid, Spain with an undergraduate degree in English Lit. I’m also an assistant editor at a prominent textbook publisher where I spend hours finding photos of “Guy talking to girl. Girl looks sad”, a task that, honestly, I love. I wrote my thesis on Alice in Wonderland and have become an expert at ignoring the strange looks I get when I read kidslit on the Metro.

And yes, I know that apes and monkeys are entirely different, but “Aping around” just doesn’t have as nice a ring to it. Deal.

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